Photographs by Poyan Yee
Curated by Pam Kitto, Gregory Swain, Clare Multan and Elizabeth Sandison

This exhibition is developed with the staff members of Radiology Department and me. There were two parts in the exhibition-making process. First, I asked the radiologists to select a number of photographs to represent their preferences and visions for the waiting area. We all agreed on a working theme:  Northumbrian countryside in four seasons. Then, I interpreted their choices by presenting this series of images, as a tribute to the wonder of light playing in both radiology and photography. This exhibition is composed of two parts. Ode to Light (I) was displayed from March to August 2009; Ode to Light (II) has been displayed from August 2009 onwards.
Ode to Light
Spring II
Summer II
Autumn II
Winter II
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