Participating Artists
I am indebted to many local artists in Hexham and the region of North East England for their tremendous support for the art development at Hexham General.
Since hospital art is charitable in nature, the budget for artists was very tight. A loan system was developed so that the hospital was able to keep the  exhibition programme going. This could not have happened without the generosity of local artists and their understanding of the importance of art in healing.  
As my curatorship progressed, I invited local artists to be the guest artists in a series of art workshops. By devoting their time and talents voluntarily, these artists became very important partners with me to develop new healing art programmes. This involved a lot of liaison, discussions, planning and evaluation.

Alex Rowe
Ashley Hipkin
Cathy Duncan
Colin Cuberth
Ernest Cheng
Hadi Shobeirinejad
Jonathan Chapman
Katharine Jepson
Penny Grennan
Ross Forbes
Susan Hawker
Teresa Toms
Tuesday Nesbitt
Yang Yang